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LEGO Alien Conquest: 7052 UFO Abduction

7052 LEGO Alien Conquest UFO Abduction LEGO Alien Conquest: 7052 UFO Abduction

Stop the alien abduction!
The alien defence unit soldier is on a mission to stop the UFO as it tries to abduct the poor farmer! Watch out, the UFO’s illuminated tractor beam is fired up to capture him! Fire the flick missile before the alien brings the frightened farmer on board and spins his ship into space. If the UFO lands on the farmer, he’ll be trapped inside!

  • Includes 3 minfigures: alien defence unit soldier, farmer with pitchfork and alien trooper.
  • Alien UFO features illuminated tractor beam
  • Includes LEGO® bricks to build roadblocks
  • Land on minifigures to take them prisoner in the UFO with the abduction function!

Product code 7052
Suggested age 7+
Pieces 211

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 3 years old

LEGO Alien Conquest UFO Abduction 7052

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