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Disney.Pixar Cars 2 Deluxe Submarine Finn McMissile

Cars 2 Oversized Submarine Finn McMissile Disney.Pixar Cars 2 Deluxe – Submarine Finn McMissile

Mattel Disney.Pixar Cars 2 1:55 scale die cast Car character Deluxe / Oversized: Submarine Finn McMissile from the 2011 Disney.Pixar film Cars 2.

Finn McMissile, a master British Spy, believes there is a conspiracy brewing during the World Grand Prix. He will need to use all his years of experience and a vast array of gadgets if he his to thwart the baddies.

Cars 2 features old favourites from the 2006 Disney.Pixar film Cars together with all new characters.

Disney / Pixar Cars 2 #1 Submarine Finn McMissile 1:55 die-cast in the Cars 2 Deluxe / Oversized range of larger vehicles.

Manufactured by Mattel
Age 3+
Product code V2851

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