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LEGO Toy Story: 7593 Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship

7592 LEGO Toy Story Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship LEGO Toy Story: 7593 Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship

Rocket through space with Buzz Lightyear of Star Command!
Wherever peril threatens the galaxy, Buzz Lightyear is there in his faster-than-light Star Command spaceship!

Battle the sinister schemes of Evil Emperor Zurg in outer space, or land and deploy the secret moon buggy for special planetary missions!

  • Includes Buzz Lightyear and Evil Emperor Zurg minifigures!
  • Spaceship back opens to deploy moon buggy!
  • Open the cockpit to seat Buzz at the controls!
  • Measures over 7" (18cm) tall!

Product code 7593
Suggested age 7+
Pieces 257

LEGO Disney/Pixar Toy Story: Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship 7593