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LEGO Atlantis: 7984 Deep Sea Raider

7984 LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Raider LEGO Atlantis: 7984 Deep Sea Raider

Drill a path to the riches!
Recruited to dig and drill through the dangerous ruins, excavation expert Dr. Brains from the LEGO® Power Miners is trying to get to the treasure! Open the back compartment and release the mini sub for tight squeezes! Can he outwit the angry hammerhead guardian to retrieve the treasure and legendary body armour? Set includes 2 minifigures and mini sub.

  • Includes 2 minifigures: diver and hammerhead guardian!
  • Deep Sea Raider features opening cockpit, grabber and functioning drill.
  • Open the back compartment to reveal the mini sub!
  • Features flexible falling pillar, lobster, treasure chest with jewels and body armour!
  • Deep Sea Raider measures 6” wide (15cm) and 8” long (20cm)
  • Mini sub measures over 2” wide (5cm) and 2” long (5cm)

Product code 7984
Suggested age 7+
Pieces 265

LEGO Atlantis Angler Deep Sea Raider 7984