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LEGO Atlantis: 7978 Angler Attack

7978 LEGO Atlantis Angler Attack LEGO Atlantis: 7978 Angler Attack

Outsmart the Angler Fish and evil guardian to reach the treasure!
Expert diver Dr. Fisher catches sight of an ancient helmet lying among the ruins of LEGO® Atlantis. Just then, the evil Barracuda and giant Angler Fish, with its razor-sharp teeth, swim out from the murky depths. Can Dr. Fisher outsmart the deadly creatures to claim the golden helmet and take a photo of the rare fish?

  • Includes 2 minifigures: diver with camera and Barracuda guardian with trident!
  • Minifigure accessories include diver’s helmet, tank and swim fins
  • Deep Sea Jet features harpoon, grabbing claws!
  • Angler Fish measures 7” (17cm) wide, 5” (12cm) long and features moving fins and tail!
  • Includes treasure chest with jewels, golden helmet and special gold elements!

Product code 7978
Suggested age 7+
Pieces 200

LEGO Atlantis Angler Attack 7978

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