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LEGO Atlantis: 8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub

8060 LEGO Atlantis Typhoon Turbo Sub LEGO Atlantis: 8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub

The Typhoon Turbo Sub dives into action!
Deep at the bottom of the ocean, the yellow Atlantis Treasure Key is guarded by a ferocious Shark Warrior.

Send the Typhoon Turbo Sub into battle when the fight gets tough, its powerful high-speed turbine engines flip around to reveal a key-grabbing claw and hidden torpedo launcher! Its time to discover the lost secrets of Atlantis!

  • Set includes 2 minifigures: 1 heroic diver and 1 Shark Warrior!
  • Yellow Atlantis treasure key included; collect them all!
  • Flip over the rotating sub propellers!
  • Sub is armed with torpedo shooter and flick fire missiles!
  • Claw grabs and holds the treasure key!

Product code 8060
Suggested age 7+
Pieces 197

LEGO Atlantis: Typhoon Turbo Sub 8060

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