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Transformers Universe: Generation 1 Deluxe: CYCLONUS

Transformers Universe CYCLONUS Action Figure Transformers Universe: Generation 1 – Deluxe: CYCLONUS

TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE celebrates 25 years of Transformers from 1984 to 2009.
Generation 1 covers the years 1984 to 1991.

This detailed 2 in 1 CYCLONUS converts from Robot mode into a Hypersonic Starfighter in Vehicle mode. Complete with NIGHTSTICK figure that transforms into a Laser Cannon!

Constructed from the cast-off chassis of deactivated DECEPTICON warriors, CYCLONUS was programmed by UNICRON to be loyal only to GALVATRON. Powered by nuclear engines, and a small fragment of his creator's supernatural power, CYCLONUS wields enough might to sterilize the surface of an inhabited world by himself. He never unleashes this power without his commander's leave, however, and he focuses all of his energy on ensuring that GALVATRON is obeyed without question by those under his command.

This pack contains: CYCLONUS action figure with NIGHTSTICK figure that becomes a Laser Cannon.

Manufactured by Hasbro
Age 5+
Skill Level 3
Product code 83875

Transformers Universe: Generation 1 1984 to 1991 Deluxe: CYCLONUS and NIGHTSTICK Decepticon Transformer action figures by Hasbro, item 83875.

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