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CW08 The Clone Wars: JAWAS

Jawas Star Wars figures CW08 The Clone Wars: JAWAS

Star Wars: The Clone Wars collection features characters from The Clone Wars animated series. Each figure comes equipped with action features or accessories to play out The Clone Wars.

The figures in this collection are based on a scale of approximately 3 ¾ inches tall.

This pack contains: 2 Jawa figures with Ion Blasters!

These Tatooine scavengers hunt for lost or abandoned equipment – machinery, droids, even starfighters that appear unoccupied. Jawas look almost identical to outsiders, but among each other, they easily identify differences in lineage, health and other details.

Some poses may require additional support.
Manufactured by Hasbro
Age 4+
Product code CW08

CW08 Star Wars: The Clone Wars - 3 ¾” Jawas action figures by Hasbro, item 87966

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