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LEGO Bionicle

LEGO Bionicle


LEGO Bionicle: 8927 Toa Terrain Crawler

8927 LEGO Bionicle Toa Terrain Crawler LEGO Bionicle: 8927 Toa Terrain Crawler

Barraki ambush!

Returning from saving the Matoran of Mahri Nui in their Toa Terrain Crawler, the Toa Mahri are ambushed by the evil Barraki! Will the Toa Mahri survive or has their quest for the Mask of Life come to a horrible end?


LEGO Bionicle: 8981 Tarix

8981 LEGO BIONICLE Tarix LEGO Bionicle: 8981 Tarix

Winner of a thousand battles!

A brave fighter for the water tribe, Tarix wields twin water blades and a spiked Thornax launcher in the arena. He is one of the most experienced and respected Glatorian, and a fierce but fair foe in the ar...


LEGO Bionicle: 8995 Thornatus

8995 LEGO Bionicle Thornatus LEGO Bionicle: 8995 Thornatus

Devastating power!
Combining high speed with incredible power and heavy armour, the Thornatus V9 smashes through opposing vehicles. Piloted by Perditus, it is armed with four blasters and a spiked Thornax launcher. Vehicle unfolds f...